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Licensed to Drive

The number “two” has always been my favourite number, so it makes sense that it would take me two tries to successfully pass my N road test.

My first attempt was about a month ago, where I did a fairly¬†acceptable job of both driving and parking. It wasn’t until I drove on the wrong side of the road that I began to think that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t quite prepared to operate a motor vehicle all by myself.

In my defence, it wasn’t as though I swerved over into oncoming traffic: I know I’m supposed to keep to the right. The situation was much more complex than that. Basically, I turned into the wrong lane because the right and left lanes were separated by a forested median, and I simply could not see the other lane.

I was also quite nervous, hadn’t had much driving practice and I merely turned up the road I thought my examiner had told me to take.

The exam didn’t last much longer after my potentially fatal mistake, (luckily there weren’t any cars in the lane): the man grading me was more than a little bit shaken up.

But now, a month later and a month wiser, I have successfully passed my N test, and can legally drive solo.

I am now officially licensed to drive, which for me, considering my previous misshap, could mean I’m licensed to kill…

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