I’m Hayley Woodin: an international journalist currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. My bylines are primarily with Business in Vancouver, Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM and Global News Morning. Occasionally, my thoughts get posted to this blog.

This year, I reported for BIV from Silicon Valley. I was also one of 20 journalists selected to take part in the inaugural Investigative Journalism Intensive at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. In 2018, I will be heading to Southeast Asia as a 2017-18 Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada media fellow.

In 2015, I reported from Central America on Canadian mining companies and the communities they affect. I was the first international journalist to visit Tahoe Resources’ silver mine in Guatemala, and one of a handful to investigate both sides of the controversies surrounding Goldcorp’s active and reclaimed mines in Guatemala and Honduras .

I’m passionate about a variety of international, environmental, political and cultural issues. Resource development is among them, as are terrorism, human rights, the rights of corporations versus sovereign states, civil liberties, climate change and trade.

I graduated with distinction from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2014. While completing my bachelor of journalism, I spent six months studying international journalism, terrorism and political Islam at the University of Central Lancashire in England. I also spent six weeks undergoing conflict-zone reporting training at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta.

I’ve travelled to more than a dozen countries, and have big plans to grow that number over the next few years. I’m as much an aspiring traveller as I am an aspiring foreign correspondent, and I’m excited for where these passions will take me.

It feels like a lifetime ago, but I was Miss White Rock in 2008, and a Miss British Columbia Ambassador when the Olympics came to Vancouver. These were both highly involved ambassador positions that included extensive fundraising, public speaking and community engagement, along with more than a thousand hours of volunteering. Two lifetimes ago, I rocked out in an all-girl band.

I speak French fluently, am learning Spanish and am slowly learning Arabic. The blog is in English and has tended to fall halfway between being somewhat personal and semi-professional: a dedicated space for thoughts on what I read, see and hear. Thank you for visiting.