Friday night lights

night lightsI once had a library book out from October to January – 2011 to 2013. I’d exhausted my three renewals, but was determined to finish the book. As December came (the first time around), Christmas lights and cozy nights in distracted me as I worked my way through the much more interesting reading list I’d put off in the fall. Once the new year came, there was no hope. After re-starting the book on four separate occasions, I had lost interest anyway. And completely forgot I still had the book.

The reason I’d wanted to finish the autobiography in the first place was because the author caught my attention by alluding to how he would come to lead two very distinct, separate lives. Unfortunately, I never made it past his in-depth analysis of his own adolescence. (Don’t get me wrong, I like Christopher Hitchens, but the writing in Hitch-22 was too rhetorical.)

This interested me because I’ve struggled with whether to combine what I could describe as my two lives – personal and professional – or whether I should purposefully keep them separate.

But like I can’t entirely cut and halve myself, so will my two separate personal and professional blogs live on the same site. This post is on my newly created personal blog page; the home page is reserved for posts about writing, journalism, issues and current affairs.

It’s all personal, really – both will provide commentaries, subject to being filtered through the same medium (me). But I’d like to differentiate between anecdotes about what I consider more serious topics, and stories about my casual venture into journalism – thoughts, comments, photos that I want to post simply because they, or something else, happened.

Last night I walked down to False Creek, where a group of young artists sang Beatles songs around one of Vancouver’s outdoor pianos. The photo above is from a fabulous Friday night.