Feeling out Dark Table

(Above: A quick preview of my most recent Vancouver dining adventure.) Key ingredients to a fully satisfactory foodie experience – presentation, garnishes, flare – don’t merely add colour and contrast to a meal. Visual plate appeal whets appetites, teases our taste buds and, after sense of smell, is the second part to enjoying a meal before… Continue Reading

Friday night lights

I once had a library book out from October to January – 2011 to 2013. I’d exhausted my three renewals, but was determined to finish the book. As December came (the first time around), Christmas lights and cozy nights in distracted me as I worked my way through the much more interesting reading list I’d put… Continue Reading

Sunday at the track

It’s a dangerous game when it feels this good – but when you’re up a few bucks and winning at the track, it’s hard to remember how losing the last 29 races felt.  Betting on horses is a lot like life. You pick a path, a plan, a method that you use to help you… Continue Reading

Neutrality vs. religion

So the Quebec government has proposed restricting all public employees from wearing visible religious symbols. It’s to create an inclusive society, says Premier Pauline Marois. To liberate women from subservience. To keep a neutral face on the public, she says. A neutral face on society is Orwellian rhetoric – and it’s scary. What is “neutral”?… Continue Reading

Wag of the finger

Let’s play a friendly game of Guess Who… “Once completed, this memorial will teach future generations how millions lost their lives and suffered in inhumane conditions at the hands of Communist regimes. It will also serve as a reminder […] that glorifying Communist symbols insults the memory of these victims…” …I’ll give you another clue: “We… Continue Reading


I aggressive-compulsively flip from catty radio channel to catty radio channel every morning in my car. Brave passengers would challenge that this happens any time I drive, but considering I’m usually doing those people a favour by driving them, their argument is rendered invalid. In full honesty, it’s mostly a morning thing: Setting the appropriate… Continue Reading