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That Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to controversy. and that’s putting it lightly. The French magazine pushes boundaries weekly, and so much so on occasion that it causes “uproar” and “disgust”. Both have been used to describe the publication’s recent work (and its impact) – a cartoon that asks what Aylan Kurdi would have become had he… Keep reading.


#SyriaUnderAttack and #ChocolateISIS

Once again, social media has proven that we’re all just as angry, resentful and racist as we were before. The only difference is we treat that as though it’s news, the fact that technology gives each and everyone of us a platform to say whatever we want to say. Just because we bandwagon and all bunch… Keep reading.


A Christmas special for cynics

‘Over 1 million refugees, migrants enter Europe in 2015’; ‘SpaceX rocket makes historic flight’; ‘Ebola effects linger’; ‘Middle East unprepared for climate change’. CBC’s The National has reported some important stories recently (although that last headline is a bit of a no-brainer). The above four clips have an average airtime that runs just under three minutes. … Keep reading.



How spiritual and compassionate we’ve become, with the 140-character prayers we send out to the human universe, the one we can’t imagine expanding or contracting or crumbling to change. There’s no ‘right’ way to pray of course, anyone can do it. We don’t need to understand what it is we pray for, why we feel compelled to pray… Keep reading.


Lamar v. dead indigenous children

What do we care about? What constitutes news, or newsworthiness, in an age where everything is a story, but not everything goes viral? Lamar Odom’s situation – cocaine and prostitution – is trending on Facebook right now. It’s plastered all over my feed. And after capturing this juxtaposition, when I went back to find the… Keep reading.


Does the difference between migrants and refugees matter?

“The practice of granting asylum to people fleeing persecution in foreign lands is one of the earliest hallmarks of civilization,” writes the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Some of the earliest references to those practices date back three and a half millennia. Today, the definition of a refugee and his or her rights are… Keep reading.