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Why you don’t get to have an opinion about the niqab

What Canadian values are so threatened by the niqab, and why do any of us care? It’s a national debate that is stealing the election, and unlike almost every other topic, it’s one everyone from every corner of society seems to have a very strong opinion about. For those who have missed it, this started with… Keep reading.

When the world is at your doorstep

It’s easy to forget the world as it is. You can watch the news and be told what should be important to you, based on your geography and nationality. You can seek out and read other sources of news to find out what should be important to other audiences, within other borders. The language we… Keep reading.

A gateway ban? The dangers of Harper’s promised “terror tourism” law

Regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Palestine, Colombia and virtually every country in the Middle East could become no-go zones for Canadians. While on the campaign trail, Stephen Harper announced that if re-elected, he would ban what he called “terror tourism” to certain regions, “the most dangerous places on Earth where governance is non-existent and violence… Keep reading.

Review of the reviewer: the NEB’s makeup

On Friday, the National Energy Board announced that a petroleum executive based out of Calgary would be the latest member to join the “independent federal regulatory agency’s” board. Steven Kelly wil, according to the release, bring over three decades of energy industry experience to the role he’s assuming this October, most recently as the vice-president of energy… Keep reading.

Party of one (two, three, four)

Marching orders: toe the line. Get in step. Follow orders. We’re at war. With ISIS, with terrorists, with the Great Recession and unemployment and unbalanced budgets. We’re at war with bureaucracy and red tape; with regulations and restrictions that hamper business and prevent us all – yes, all of us, together – from attaining greater wealth.… Keep reading.

Stories on Canadian mining in Guatemala

At around 6 p.m. on April 27, 2013, about 20 protesters left their encampment and began marching toward the entrance of the Escobal mine. They were close by around 7 p.m., just as the sky was starting to get dark. Artemio Castillo Herrera says he was the first to get hit. “They didn’t say anything… Keep reading.