Tonight was my first opportunity to cover a Canucks game.

It was an away game against the Minnesota Wild, and because of my class schedule, I had to write my recap solely off of the box score.

It may not be spectacular, in fact it isn’t. But for a pageant-gal like me, I am still shocked that I am able to write about short-handed goals and five-minute majors as though I’ve spent my life at the rink.

I am proud to report that I have approximately 7 hockey terms in my sport vocabulary, and that I can successfully interpret hockey stats.

Writing for the Eagles was my first personal point, and covering the Canucks is my second. All I need is to pursue a third opportunity that is completely out of my comfort zone, and then they’ll be callin’ me Hat Trick Hayles…

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And be sure to check out my lovely game recap at Vancity Sports Blog.



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