Being a part of military life is addictive, especially when your first experience as an embedded journalist is a positive one.

The things I’m learning about journalism and the military are really making this experience worthwhile, and the conversations (like the quote in the title) make the long hours enjoyable.

Exercise Maple Guardian has begun here in Wainwright, and I was among the first people sent to spend two nights at Kandahar Air Field.

There are four of us in the media tent, which I’m told is quite luxurious compared to the journalists’ sleeping quarters in previous years: We have four laptops set up with Internet access and editing software, cots, air mattresses and -40 degree sleeping bags.

But it’s still absolutely freezing in here. Hopefully we’ll have heaters installed by tonight.

So far I’ve reported one story, and am currently in the middle of shooting and editing my partner’s story. Each day we take turns being either the talent or the camera.

The Canadian journalists have quite a bit of liberty when it comes to filming. Minus a few buildings, we can shoot almost anywhere, and can arrange for all sorts of interviews through the Public Affairs Officer.

While many of the soldiers are a bit camera-shy, most people are really friendly and willing to work with the media.

Sand banks, tanks and rows of tents and satellites set the scene here. As for the food, it’s just as good, if not better than the delicious meals we were served back at CFB Wainwright.

Life is good.

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