It’s been over a year now since @JSaggau and I decided to procrastinate on some final journalism-related assignment by surfing the Internet in search of some cool things we’d like to do, some time in the next decade.

After several hours, both at school and then on our own, we had compiled two similar, yet unique, lists of 101 things we’d like to do/see/visit/eat/accomplish/attempt/survive in the next 10 years.

I don’t know about him, but I thought that this would be a relatively easy long term set of goals to achieve. Logically, I only have to complete an average of 10 items per year. I also reasoned that when I travel, I’d have the opportunity to visit several places on my list, and kill a two birds (or three, or four…) with one big stone.

I’m on track right now, so I’m doing okay. I have 13 things down, and so have only seven more to complete before April next year.

But “being on track” isn’t my problem. It’s that @JSaggau has 16 down. Dinner is on the line here people, and I want to be the first to reach 20.

Now I know that we didn’t create these lists to finish them as quickly as possible. The purpose is to constantly strive to be a better person, whether by trying different things, or gaining new experiences. It’s about setting goals, but not forgetting to live in the moment. It’s about enjoying life.

One could even say that, in a sense, it’s about learning to “win” at life, through achievement and attaining happiness. And if you can’t win at a list you’ve created yourself that comprises entirely of things you want to do, what can you win at?

I’m throwing down like Bobby Flay. It’s time to start accomplishing some things that I’d like to accomplish.

And that’s the reason for this post: A public announcement to @JSaggau that it is ON!

(I am also making an effort to update my site more often, and I really have absolutely nothing else to blog about.)

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