Found this great list of 20 inspirational female journalists via, formed with input from their Twitter followers, and posted in honour of International Women’s Day.

I hadn’t heard many of the names that made the list, and it’s a shame that I hadn’t: I was astounded to see what they had accomplished as individuals and as journalists. It’s always reassuring to see proof that there is great journalism happening out in the world, as well as great journalism by female reporters, photographers and writers.

There were only 20 highlighted, and there are no doubt more than 20 “inspirational women journalists” who deserve the title but didn’t make the cut. That being said, these really do seem like the cream of the crop.

Collectively, these women have reported from Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, America, Ireland, Russia, Syria, Sri Lanka, China, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Afghanistan, Serbia, South Africa, and Somalia, not to mention a 72-day trip around the world. Recognitions awarded include CNN’s MultiChoice African Journalist, the Martha Gellhorn Prize, and an Emmy, to name a few.

Their work ranges from photographing Marilyn Monroe, to faking insanity and being committed to a “mad-house,” to reporting from Belgrade when NATO bombed Serbia, to covering Tiananmen Square.

Here is the full list, complete with ultra-short bios.

And here are the names in order:

Marie Colvin, Anna Politkovskaya, Veronica Guerin, Ida B. Wells, Martha Gellhorn, Lyse Doucet, Hala Jaber, Kate Adie, Caroline Wyatt, Rachel Carson, Eve Arnold, Nellie Bly, Alex Crawford, Lindsey Hilsum, Sue Lloyd-Roberts, Clare Sambrook, Frances Harrison, Mary Stott, Ida Tarbell, and Fatuma Noor.

Happy International Women’s Day.


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