Each year, bloggers address a different global issue on Blog Action Day with the goal of raising awareness and creating discussion.

This year’s topic focuses on water and water conservation in 2010. Over 4,200 have officially registered.

Even though I didn’t register, I still want to do my part. So here is my humble pledge to conserve water:

1. I pledge to not leave the tap running, and to turn it on and off as needed.

According to www.treehugger.com, using dishwashers is more environmentally friendly than hand-washing dishes, so…

2. I pledge to cram as many dishes, pots, glasses and utensils into my dishwasher at home as physically possible, instead of leaving half of them to be hand-washed.


3. I pledge to take shorter showers to conserve water. (And by that, I mean not letting the water run for five minutes when it really only takes about 30 seconds for it to heat up.)

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