Yesterday was my second day interning at 24 Hours newspaper, and was my first time being published in a paper outside of school, (I’m not counting my letter-to-the-editor that was published in the Vancouver Sun last year).

My first story covered the arrest of four men in Abbotsford who were well-known to police and known gang members. This is hard hitting stuff!

You can read the article in the Monday’s paper, and check out a photo @yellowbird888 shot.

Monday was very busy day.

Not surprisingly, I got lost on my way to Vancouver again. This time instead of taking the Knight Street exit, I turned too early and took No. 6 road to River Road, a very long and creepy road, through Richmond.

But I still arrived early for work.

I had three assignments: all three are published in today’s paper and are taking over page five.

I was sent to a press conference to cover the story on the possibility of raising Vancouver’s building height restrictions, and removing certain protection viewcones around the city.

Yes, I did get lost: After taking the Cambie Street Bridge, I turned right onto Pacific Boulevard which took me right back to the office. Lesson learned.

I am slowly learning how to get around Vancouver, my research skills have improved immensely, my interviewing techniques are strengthening and I am starting to become a news junkie.

Time to get back to work.

(On an unrelated note, I noticed that the linked to an assignment I’d done for the Kwantlen Chronicle. Slowly but surely my work is getting out there!)

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