For this week’s Kwantlen Chronicle submission, @JSaggau and I decided to put together a video on student parking.

Last year, it cost students $95 per semester to park at one of the four campuses: this year, it costs students $125.

Like true journalists, we did the math and found out why there was a $30 parking pass increase from 2009-2010.

Putting the video together was a lot of fun: we took turns reporting facts on camera, and caught students’ reactions to the price increase on tape.

The fruits of our labour were not, however, acheived without difficulty, or should I say, difficulties.

The majority of the audio from our first day of filming wasn’t recorded. We still have no idea why, but we figured it was due to some mechanical incompatibility between the mic and the camera.

On the only other day we had to re-shoot the video, the weather was terrible, which meant that we would have a lighting inconsistancy between the first day we shot (which was bright and sunny) and the second.

Finally, in our first shoot, I had done all of the reporter on-camera work. Since half of the clips didn’t have any audio, they needed to be re-shot. But I was wearing different outfits on both days, which would have made for a lot of wardrobe changes back and forth in a two minute video.

The project was a great learning experience, as we had to really work together as a team to overcome the many obstacles thrown our way.

You can check out the parking video, which marks my first broadcast debut, at the Kwantlen Chronicle online.

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