Yesterday, I held my second fundraiser garage sale for Free The Children, and to great success.

As British Columbia Ambassadors, my team and I have dedicated our reign to raising funds to build a school in Kenya, through Craig Kielburger’s Free The Children organization.

The school has been a two-year projec started by our ambassador predecessors, and the goal is close to being achieved with the help of family, friends and the generous communities of B.C.

At the beginning of my reign, we had several grand left to raise. Now, the three of us have about $1,000 each left to fundraise.

My first fundraiser garage sale was in my hometown of White Rock a couple of weeks ago. And despite the lousy weather, I managed to raise $450.

Yesterday, we (my family and I) took the same trinkets and treasures we hadn’t managed to sell in White Rock to Pitt Meadows for a second attempt. We set up shop in my Aunt and Uncle’s garage, and sold over $350 in just a few hours.

I have only $200 or so left to raise!

Thank you’s to all of the people who have helped me and my team out:

@BobSongs, UB and AL thank you for the garage sale items, generous donations in both dollar amounts and time, and your unwavering enthusiasm.

Thanks to my grandparents for the handmade birdhouses and boxes upon boxes of garage sale stuff that made me a goldmine at both fundraisers.

Thank you to my parents and sister Chloe for all of your help, time and effort, and for keeping me in check when the crown and all of the attention it attracts starts to go to my head.

A special shout out to Jude Remedios for donating some beautiful pieces of art for my garage sale.

(You can check out her work at

To reach my $1,000 goal, I will be selling homemade birdhouses and craft kits at the White Rock Farmers’ Market on Sunday, June 27.

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