This is what I’ve done over the past several days.

And to reinforce how busy I’ve been, I will simple write a bulleted list, because I am still at work and do not have the time to write it with more witty or intelligent phrasing.

– I was on the cover of 24 Hours

– My story’s headline made the front page

– I filmed, edited and posted my second video online

– I had my President’s Ambassadorial Team Christmas dinner at a local golf course on Sunday

– On Monday, I joined the 24 Hours crew at their Christmas shindig on Granville Island

– I interviewed Vancouver Airport Authority spokespeople, UBC professors, church ministers and cabinet ministers

– I sat in on my first conference call to California

– And I encountered my first information embargo today while attending a B.C. Cancer Research press conference


So much has gone on that I keep having to remind myself that Christmas is a mere three days away!

To quote magician Professor Hinkle from Frosty the Snowman, I’ve just been “busy, busy, busy.”

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