Here are my thoughts on today’s headlines. Everything but the titles is written by yours truly.

Free tool allows instant analysis of trends, Google economist says by Tracy Sherlock:

Thanks to Google’s new data-analysis tool, the world’s information, statistics and trends are now universally available and can be easily called-up with the simple click of a button.

By going to, Internet users can search for data on any subject, making fact-finding and credible research that much easier.

A similar article from PBS recently acknowledged the growing demand of readers and citizens to have access to raw data.

Check out How news organizations should prepare for data dumps by Martin Moore to learn about the interesting data-related projects headed by The Guardian and the New York Times:

Canada’s doctors demand major changes by Meagan Fitzpatrick:

The Canadian Medical Association will be meeting in Niagara Falls later this month to discuss how to better meet the Canada Health Act’s principle of providing universal health care to all Canadians.

Proposals to be discussed include building more long-term-care facilities and establishing more pay-for-performance incentive-based programs, according to the Vancouver Sun.

In its annual report, the CMA disclosed that the Health Act principles are not being met, and that the accessibility of medical services continues to be a major problem.

As the baby-boomer population is nearing retirement, there are more citizens leaving the workforce than entering it. Where will the money needed to create and maintain more facilities come from?

Will income taxes be raised? Will the age of retirement be pushed back?

There is without a doubt a need for major changes, but perhaps those changes are needed in the political system.


My family and I have travelled to Mexico three separate times over the years, and each time we’ve stayed at an amazing resort in Playa Del Carmen, metres away from the turquoise blue Caribbean.

The hotel is all-inclusive, and because it is family friendly, there are lots of activities for all ages.

The most well-known of said activities is the water arobics class.

At a specific time each day, the Activities Crew would walk along the rows of palapas and lawn chairs shouting “Water Aerobics? Anyone! Water Aerobics?”

My sister and I tried it out once; my uncle was much more enthusiastic than either of us.

It was strenuous and a little embarrassing as we splashed in the pool to salsa music, surrounded by amused vacationers.

I miss Mexico dearly and would love to go back again this year.

But in the mean time, I decided to go to the South Surrey drop-in water aerobics class this morning.

Now, to understand the humour in my little adventure, it is imperative that you know that the majority of White Rock/South Surrey residents are over the age of 65.

On with the story.

I showed up at a quarter to eight with a few other friends to this Aquacize class and lo and behold, we are outnumbered five-to-one by bikini and Speedo wearing seniors.

What made the situation even funnier was that they were totally kicking our butts!

After 45 minutes of rigorous cardio, I stumbled off to the locker rooms to change.

I honestly had a blast, although I would much rather swim in a pool at a tropical resort with people my own age.

Next week, bingo and lawn bowling. (The less skin showing, the better.)

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