#87 Go white water rafting

Last year when I visiting Lytton with the White Rock Youth Ambassadors, I had the chance to go white water rafting for the first time.

The experience was absolutely incredible, and I can clearly remember telling myself that I would definitely come back a year later.

On Friday, I went back.

We only had seven people paddling plus a guide steering the raft, so this trip required a little more effort than last time.

But we successfully conquered the mighty Thompson River, the third largest commercially run river in the world in terms of volume.

We got to swim through six foot high rapids, carried down the river with about 48,000 cubic feet of water per second.

Now that is a lot of water. (I’m pretty sure I swallowed a cubic foot of water too, and that is also a lot of water.)

One of my favourite parts of white water rafting is that the water feels clean and pure, and the air seems so much more fresh and unpolluted than the air in the city, or even back home in White Rock.

So next year, I’m going back.

Maybe I’ll bring along @JSaggau, he’ll have some catching up to do by then in terms of completing our lists…

6 down, 95 to go.

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