Over the course of my internship with 24 Hours, I’ve written many articles for the print edition.

The work I’m most proud of, however, are my two videos, available on the website.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I not only did my stand-up bits, but I filmed myself doing them, conducted interviews, shot B-roll and editing dozens of clips in Final Cut Express down to a short one to two minute video.

It was so much work but I loved every minute of it and have learned so much.

Here is the first video, which includes an interview with singer Sarah McLachlan as she volunteered on the Downtown Eastside, flipping burgers for 3,000 people.

Check it:

Food bank teams with Sarah McLachlan to feed homeless

And number two, which doesn’t have any celebrities but looks a little bit more polished:

Passengers urged to “Pack Smart”

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