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Hayley co-hosts and produces a weekly podcast that covers issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in B.C. business. Topics include:

Hayley has appeared more than 500 times on live TV to bring the latest business news to a B.C.-wide audience. A very small sample of appearances can be viewed in this short broadcast reel.

She co-produced and co-hosted a weekly business news podcast (formerly a live one-hour radio show) for five years. Recent interviews include:

In 2020, Hayley began contributing to BBC’s Business Matters program as a Western Canada correspondent approximately once a month. Recent shows include:


In 2018, Hayley covered trade and business issues from Southeast Asia as one of three journalists in Canada selected as 2017-18 Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada media fellows. Learn more here.

In 2017, she ventured to Silicon Valley to explore why British Columbians are heading south, and what they think of Vancouver as a technology hub. Read the story.

In 2015, Hayley travelled to Central America to investigate reports that Canadian mining companies were violating human rights, contaminating environments and negatively impacting local indigenous populations. She was the first international journalist to tour Tahoe Resources’ controversial silver mine, and one of few to explore the issue in-depth and from multiple perspectives. The following are two of many stories that came out of the trip, all of which reveal that mining in Guatemala is largely Canadian, highly controversial and extraordinarily complex.

Goldcorp’s Marlin mine: a decade of operations and controversy in Guatemala

Controversy over pros and cons of Escobal silver mine development divides rural Guatemalan region


Yellow Pages continues to face ‘pattern of complaints’: A follow-up report on a 2019 investigation into the present-day business practices of what was once Canada’s largest publisher of telephone directories. (Read the original story here.)

Business insurance squeeze tightens in B.C.: Rising insurance premiums are threatening to crush small businesses that are already ailing in an unpredictable and challenging pandemic economy.

Alternative business structures pushed for B.C. law firms: Many agree that innovation should be brought to the delivery of legal services. How far innovation should be pushed, however, is a point of much debate in legal and academic circles.

Seeking CETA’s small-business benefits: Access to talent and new export opportunities have small- and medium-sized B.C. clean tech businesses excited about Canada’s free trade agreement with the European Union.

Largest U.S.-based primary silver miner moves to B.C.: A mine in northern B.C. has attracted the attention and investment of the largest U.S.-based primary silver miner.

Mortgage assistance program alive and unwell: The new B.C. NDP government’s fall budget update reveals that the Liberals’ $700-million mortgage assistance program has not brought as much relief to would-be homeowners as previously expected.

World on the verge of major power shift: IEA economist: I spoke to the chief economist of the International Energy Agency about global oil demand, the energy needs of China’s bourgeoning middle class and the power implications of more efficient cars.

3D printing: the revolution will be global [Multimedia]: A Vancouver-based company has big ambitions when it comes to leading the future of 3D printing.

Why a B.C. court is hearing a Guatemala mining case: It has taken three years and three courts to determine where a civil suit against Tahoe Resources should be heard.

Copper Mountain Mining Corp.: A new mining project on an old deposit is breaking records as one of British Columbia’s fastest growing companies for 2015.

First published story (a freelance article published with Business in Vancouver on July 14, 2014)

George Melville: Making the grade: Chairman and owner of Boston Pizza International never went to university, but is boldly going back to school as a university figurehead.