This post is a quick commemoration to follow up on a previous engagement.

Even the slightest change in frame of mind can have a massive impact on what you get out of your day. Call it psychology, the Secret, the laws of attraction, sociology, human nature, a placebo effect, or Karma. It’s an idea: That having a positive attitude can positively affect your life, change your luck, and bring more happiness.

Committing to an idea is the first step. And when it shows results, it is incredibly uplifting.

Carrying out your idea, however, is unbelievable.

After a networking training session on Friday, I was inspired – and committed – to work on making stronger and more positive connections, either with those around me, or people I would¬†like¬†to have around me. I was also determined to leave my reservations at the door, to let go of any misguided fears about letting someone in, and the “riskiness” of reaching out.

And what I learned a couple of days ago has finally clicked: Networking isn’t about a accrueing contacts. Rather, it’s about making real connections, and about communicating person-to-person, putting status, position, situation, and differences, aside. It isn’t so much about exchanging digits as it is about exchanging experiences, sharing memories, and relating on a very basic human level.

While on the topic of trying new things and overcoming fears: Today, I climbed the giant white rock on White Rock’s West Beach: A terrifying experience that had me paralyzed for fear of falling off an aptly balanced log, halfway up the side of the rock, for what felt like a good five minutes.

I was barely three feet off of the ground.

But I eventually made it to the top, and, after more acrobatics and downward-facing-dog-like moves, I made it back onto the shore. I’m still rocking my adrenaline rush, hence the two blog posts today.

And I feel great.