I am appalled at how much I ate.

But in my defence, it is truly impossible to be healthy at the PNE: if it isn’t your wavering willpower that gets you, the dozens of tempting smells will for sure.

Yesterday I enjoyed, in total, Wiggle chips, funnel cake, samosas, kettle corn, a Carribean colada smoothie (my health-ish choice of the day), deep fried Oreos and of course, mini donuts.

To be fair, I shared all of these with my mom and sister. But I still don’t even want to think about the amount of calories that were in my share.

I hadn’t been to the PNE in years, and the food available at the fair is definitely part of the experience.

Besides eating (and sometimes while eating), I watched the President’s Choice Superdogs show and the PNE’s 100 Years of Fun, scoured the Marketplace and walked through the Container Art exhibit which was very cool.

My highlight of the day (not counting my mom’s discovery of deep fried Oreos), was the free Mariana’s Trench concert.

I’m sure thousands stood, sat and kneeled to hear the band play: luckily we had grabbed our bleacher seats four hours before the show.

The wait was worth it because the show was phenomenal, and the band’s talent exceptional.

And because we were there so early, we got to watch their sound check too.

All in all, it was a day well spent eating and rocking out.

I am now off to go exercise.

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After spending countless weekends away visiting other communities in B.C., I got to welcome visiting royalty from all across the province to my home town.

The Miss White Rock pageant and White Rock Youth Ambassador gala was held on Friday, kicking off White Rock’s Spirit of the Sea festivities held annually on the August long weekend.

It was an emotional night, partially because I know the retiring ambassador team very well as I’ve travelled and attended local events with them for the past year.

But the excitement, anxiety and joy I felt was mostly due to the fact that my sister @ChloeWoodin was competing.

And boy did she compete.

She cleaned up all of the program’s awards except for the talent award, winning the public speaking, essay, community quiz and fashion show components as well as the Committee Award.

Even though we (my family and I) knew all along she would win, it was nice to know it officially.

The rest of the weekend happened quickly. All of the sparkleheads attended the dance after the pageant, went down to the beach Saturday morning to check out the vendors and free concerts, and rode in the Torchlight Parade that evening.

I rode in a 1964 Ford convertible Mustang, red of course, with my fellow B.C. Ambassadors.

Like I said, this weekend has been a bit of a blur, but an unforgettable experience nonetheless.

And for the first time in history, two sisters have both won the title of Miss White Rock.

This is only the beginning.

So watch out world, here come the Woodins…

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A couple of months ago, I happened to be in a hopital gift shop with my sister and Uncle, @BobSongs.

We were simply killing time, browsing the trinkets, teddy bears and other tacky items you would expect to find in a hospital gift shop.

Suddenly, we spotted a lonely wooden figurine.

It was a bunch of grapes with a cute little face painted on and with dangling feet, clearly made in China.

And it just so happened to be Mother’s Day the following weekend. Coincidence? I think not.

We had to buy the thing, partially because we knew my mom would hate it, and partially because we couldn’t comprehend why anyone else would buy a sick relative or friend a bunch of wooden grapes as a get-well present.

Henry the Grape-th, as we have lovingly named him, now resides in our beautifully decorated kitchen, sticking out like a sore thumb.

Last weekend, I was in Lytton, and had the opportunity to visit Hell’s Gates.

While in the tourist gift shop on the cliffs surrounding the Fraser River, I found Henry’s brothers and sisters.

There were ugly potato figurines, grungy orange decorations and smiling watermelons galore.

As a souvenir, I just had to buy my mom the banana man; he was by far the cutest.

Plus, he goes very nicely with Henry.

I was made aware that one day, I will be inheriting this oddball collection of fruit.

But in the meantime, I am going to spoil my mom with tacky gifts.

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