Life has become exponentially busier.

Our house is for sale, meaning I’ve had to give up my messy habits cold turkey as my basement suite must remain spotless for showings. And assignments, homework, tests and school in general are taking up a lot of my time.

That being said, I’ve still had time to cover my hockey games, and I am enjoying the experience.

I’ve been writing game recaps for the Surrey Eagles for just over a month now: I’ve not only learned how to write hockey, but I’ve also learned the sport.

I am no expert, but have come quite far since my first article (which was promptly re-written with the help of a real sportswriter who took out all of my metaphors involving the word “soar”). I know the players’ names, team stats and some hockey lingo.

Brimming with over-confidence, I recently took the Vancity Sports Blog editor up on his offer to cover some Canucks games.

Apparently the NHL is quite different from the BCHL, a fact that I was ignorant of when I jumped on the opportunity. I am slowly realizing that if you keep telling people you can speak Portugese, they will keep extending to you Portugese-speaking opportunities. It’s a good thing almost anyone can learn almost anything if the desire is there.

Speaking of desire, I tried hot yoga for the first time this weekend, something I have always wanted to do.

It was tortuous: A 90-minute workout session in what felt like a 40 degree sauna, with only three water breaks and a 60-year-old instructor who’s sweat dripped on me. Ew.

I felt great afterwards, as did my two friends. But today, I am very, very sore, and very, very thirsty.

On my 10 year list, I stated that I wanted to try the 30-day challenge: Hot yoga every day for a month. That will not be happening any time soon.

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#34 Break a world record

When I first put this goal on my 10 year list, I had assumed that it would be more of a long-term goal.

Lucky for me, it’s the seventh item completed on my list.

Josh Dueck, a Paralympic silver medalist, partnered with Worksafe B.C. set out to break the world record for the most high fives in 24 hours.

He started his mission on Aug. 27 at 6 p.m. and ended it at the same time on Saturday the 28th.

Within 24 hours, Dueck managed to high five 9,230 people at the Pacific National Exhibition and Empire Field, far surpassing the previous record of 3,130.

And I was one of those 9,230 people.

I’d like to think that I was the 3,131st person to slap his hand, but considering that I high fived Dueck mid-afternoon on Saturday, I highly doubt that was the case.

Regardless, I took part in breaking a world record, and I’m crossing it off my list.

7 down, 94 to go.

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#72 Eat something exotic

I work at a restaurant on White Rock beach.

The tips are good, as is the food, and during the summer it’s a great place to work.

The current special is fresh shucked oysters: they look disgusting, have an odd fishy smell and at a dollar a piece, they aren’t the cheapest treat available.

I love seafood. But I’ve never had the guts to try an oyster (see reasons above), (I have texture issues too).

At work tonight, the owner of the restaurant offered me one, hoping I’d show up the bartender who was too squeamish to try one.

Seeing as I had “eat something exotic” on my list, I decided to go for it.

It was delicious!

Topped with a dollop of some sort of spicy sauce, the oyster went down beautifully.

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