#24 Get paid for journalism

Working, writing, reporter or photographing for free isn’t recommended by the professors teaching the various courses in my journalism program.

That concept is one of the two that us students are constantly reminded of: the other is that journalism isn’t easy, whether it’s getting interviews, working your way up the career-ladder or simply getting a job.

While the idea of working for pay seems obvious, the point is to work for either pay or work experience, and to make sure we gain something from the experience itself.

Technically I had been paid for journalism prior to this post, but it was also prior to the creation of this list, and therefore didn’t count (no retroactivity here).

So today “officially” marks the day I get paid for journalism, because my contributor cheque from the Kwantlen Runner came in the mail.

It feels good to know that I am not only getting published but am getting money for doing so.

It’s also a good thing that I am writing for the Runner for the experience of working for a paper: my cheque was for $5.

11 down, 90 to go.

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