My classes for the semester have finally ended, and I’m now left with a couple of weeks to reflect on another scholastic year gone by, and to decompress before heading into a summer of full-time work.

I’ll put it bluntly: The second half of my third year in university was not a four-month period that saw my finest work.

With that off of my chest, it’s easier for me to say that it was, however, a time of growth and productivity in other areas of my life. In fact, I feel like four years have flown by since January and I’m now in 2016, wondering why I ever was the way I was, and wanted the things I used to want.

I should have learned a very important  lesson from all of this: That spreading yourself too thin is an inevitable consequence of an inability to say no.

But when it’s all said and done, I’d rather be plagued by an inability to say no, than a debilitating fear to say yes.

So as summer approaches, and the sun slowly works at melting away the stress still lingering from past deadlines and due dates, I’m looking forward to another “four years” of adventures between this semester, and the beginning of a new one next fall. (Which, by the way, marks the beginning of my fourth and final year in university.)

My goals for this next little while? My fabulous piano teacher always used to say: ‘If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.’ And after having had to take several mental health days this semester, I have finally realized that it’s time to accept this as a law of nature, and adopt his wise words as a rule by which to live my day-to-day life.

I’m looking to long and relaxing days spent at the beach, mornings started with pilates and yoga, and a lot of writing done because I actually want to write. I’m hoping to rediscover my former love of cooking, and to listen to more live music. Reading, lots and lots of reading, is on my page-long to-do list, which is, for once, filled with things I actually want to do.

Call it a summer of want, call it a summer of rehabilitation. But I’ve got a bucket list of things to see and do, and only so many weeks to do them. So I’m calling this, the summer of George Hayley.


I’ve been wanting to blog for several weeks, but really haven’t had much time. And on the days where I have had an hour or five to spare, I just simply never thought to write. (How journalistic of me…)

The truth is, when I touched down in Vancouver after an exciting couple of weeks in Wainwright, I was raring to continue to write and produce stories, to read news and to tackle my big long list of journalism-related goals.

But to be frank, life here just isn’t anywhere near as exciting, and my energy soon dissolved into a missing-the-military funk.

And then I saw this Buddha quote: “Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.” (That is a complete lie. I just found this on But I really should have seen this quote.)

Anyways, I decided to let things happen, and happen they did. Here is a big long update on everything I have been doing since my last post.

I tweeted not too long ago about my new job: I am a sales associate with a development company called Genex, pre-selling units in a South Surrey apartment building called Gemini. It’s a fantastic job with great hours, and it’s a good opportunity to learn a little about real estate, the market and the process that takes place from construction to home ownership.

At the end of May, I played my first round of golf. I also tweeted about this (see, I’ve at least made a small effort to remain in the social media loop) and about how ridiculously unprepared I was.

I had volunteered to golf for a Kwantlen Eagles’ golf club fundraiser, and was in the only student foursome there. I was grouped with three male golfers, all of whom had their own clubs, and was one of the few women actually golfing. I also wore a dress and cute pink-snakeskin flats because I was under the impression that golf was a classy affair.

Long story short, it rained, my hair was disgusting, and so were my cold grassy feet. But I had a great time, and outshot some of the guys on occasion. Unfortunately, everyone now knows me as the girl who wore the girly shoes.

More recently, I went to see Bruno Mars in concert. He was absolutely phenomenal, and I swear he was singing directly to me the entire time. Janelle Monae was one of the opening acts, and she was very entertaining as well.

Even more recently, I was fortunate enough to receive one of Surrey’s Top 25 under 25 awards through the Surrey Board of Trade. I knew five of the other recipients, and it was nice to see some of my peers be recognized for their achievements in the community.

This past weekend, I attended a Miss White Rock reunion, which was organized by my sister, and current Miss White Rock, @ChloeWoodin and her team of ambassadors. The pageant has been running for over 50 years, and has drastically changed since its days as a beauty competition.

It was nice to meet some of the women from years ago, and swap experiences. The current ambassadors are compiling a scrapbook of all of the years, which I’ve heard may eventually find a home in the soon-to-be newly renovated White Rock Museum.

These have been the highlights of my summer thus far, and I’m sure there will be more to come.

However, I will not vow to blog as they happen, or to update you any more than I have been, because, as Mark Twain always says, “to promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.”

Gotta love quote sites.

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I thought that yesterday was the first official day of summer: it turns out that June 22 is the second day.

And because I completely forgot to blog yesterday, today, the third day of summer, is going to be my first day of vacation.

So happy third day of summer!

When my sister and I were younger, our dad used to print out calendars for the months of July and August, and each day we would draw a little picture depicting what we had done the day before. Thinking back to those calendars, our summer days used to be filled with countless trips to the water park, bike rides and playing in the backyard with our plastic lizards, dogs, cats and horses which we generically called “guys.”

This year, I plan on going to the Cultus Lake waterslides, bike riding around Stanley Park and playing in the backyard with my real dog Romeo.

My travels as a B.C. Ambassador include Osoyoos, Princeton, Williams Lake, Kamloops, Kelowna, Oliver and Lytton (it’s going to be a busy summer).

And on top of enjoying the lovely White Rock beach as much as possible, I’d like to complete a couple of things on my 10 Year List, namely white water rafting, reading, learning to dance, watching a movie at a drive-in and trying my hand at painting.

This is going to be a great summer.

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